Snow Leo EFI Boot Guide : Revamped

20 10 2009

Hopefully this one’s a better EFI guide. . .on the HP Mini 1000 (1001TU) of course.

Click image to get to the new guide

Click image to get to the new guide

Of Trackpads and Other Quirks

14 10 2009

It’s no secret that I’ve had problems with my trackpad – I’d broadcast that little snippet practically in all corners of my cyber existence. Well the good news is make that “I used to have problems with my trackpad“. It’s up and running like its old self again which makes me one happy hackintosher.

Now how did that happen ??

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Time For A New Install Guide

13 10 2009

As much as I’d wanted to be clear, it seems that my EFI guide fails to live to my (and others’) expectations.

I’ll be back with a new one EFI guide, hopefully this one’s less of a pain in the @$$ as the current one.

And while I do that, I think it’s time I cleared up my act and stick to a single site and stop confusing my own already befuddled brain.

My MacBook Mini

Snow Kitty Needs Potty Training

2 08 2009

Snow Leopard may be a little wild for MacBook Mini but there’s a little ray of hope; at least I could make it boot.

I still followed the same instructions from and osxfujilives but with a “twist” so they say; that is, I had to use the from my existing 10.5.7 installation. Plus I did the DSDT patching using the HP Mini (Mac OS X side of course) and just pointed DSDT Patcher to my external HDD from where I was gonna boot Snowy.

First boot: the Mini would hang up. So I decided to set up root first before anything else as I was suspecting there was a problem with the Set Up Assistant. Basically, I did the “boot loop fix”.

And then this is where I get stuck: Login screen. I couldn’t get the keyboard and trackpad working so I plugged in my external keyboard and mouse but they don’t work either with VoodooPS2Controller. Then insanelymac pointed out a new set of PS2Controller kexts which I tried. It worked – I could type in “root” and my root password alright with the Mini’s own keyboard and trackpad worked fine.

However, it’s very erratic as sometimes keyboard and trackpad would work and sometimes they don’t. I made an image of the Snow Leopard installation from my external HDD and restored it to the other partition on my MacBook Mini but still the same erratic response.

So I’m not gonna make a “formal” post on how to get Snow Leopard running on the Mini. Also, from the discussions going on in various Snow Leopard OSx86 threads, there’s still a lot of issues going on with this kitty – it’s Beta software, what do we expect anyhow?

For now, I think I’d be comforted with knowing that Snow Leopard is possible to be run on my MacBook Mini. Besides, it’s now August which means there’s only 4 weeks to wait till September when Apple finally releases it. Until then, I’ll busy myself with the less wild and much tamer Leopard that I’ve come to know and love dearly. . .and perhaps learn those cutesy moves from “Nobody” by Wonder Girls that the world’s going  gaga over hahaha.

Oh and I forgot  to mention he’s not quite as happy now that the other partition contains Win XP (again) – HP released a new bios for the Mini, Bios F.14 and I had to make the update. 😀

Bad Kitty!

13 07 2009

That’s why I always prefer dogs. Haha.

I was able to download Snow Leopard Beta (the one distributed at the WWDC 2009) and tried my luck on the Mini. Followed this thread and this website – though not to a tee exactly as there were differences in hardware and I was practically stumbling to find my way in the dark.

Win XP was obliterated again from the second partition – 12 GB all in all –  in no time and replaced with Snow Leopard. I ran the OSInstall.mpkg from the .cdr image from within Leopard 10.5.7. It installed fine. But that was that.

Turns out Snowy is one unruly kitty. No, make that one choosy and unruly kitty as it purportedly works ok on the MSI Wind but gives me nothing but KP’s (Kernel Panics) from the very start.


I was even happy to click OK on the license agreement for the seed (see below)

Oh well…this is just the beginning anyway; I still have lots of researching and reading and lurking around forums and websites to do.

This isn’t the time to lose all hope … yet.

And by the way dual-booting the Mini with Leopard vs. Leopard doesn’t seem to work at all – my one and a half month old 10.5.7 installation was bricked by Snowy too – oh that snobbish cat is really getting on my canine-loving nerves now! 😉 That said, I’m on yet another new 10.5.7 install 😀