Update or Downdate (what a word)?

8 08 2009

The “About This Mac” pane tells me it’s 10.5.8 alright. But I’m missing something I never thought would be valuable – sleep/resume.

It appears that 10.5.8’s kernel is the one causing sleep/resume problems, so after several failures (word of caution – do NOT delete Disabler.kext. . .ever); a number of which caused me kernel panics and consequently reinstallation of the whole lot in attempting to recover sleep/resume functionality from MacBook Mini. Here’s what I did:

This is assuming you’re already running Mac OS X on 10.5.7 (VoodooPS2Controller already installed + Patched DSDT + OSx86Essentials applied beforehand).

1) Backed up mach_kernel 9.7.0 (that’s 10.5.7’s kernel). In Terminal:

$ sudo cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/JET/   <Enter>

(Just substitute the path to where you want your 10.5.7 kernel to be copied to)

2) Installed Disabler.kext and dsmos.kext

3) Backed up system.kext and seatbelt.kext. Just go to /System/Library/Extensions and copy these two kexts to a folder or USB drive or anywhere safe.

4) Ran MacOSX10.5.8Update (delta) – this would over write your 10.5.7 kernel in my/.

5) Restart. Back in my desktop, launched Terminal:

$ sudo cp /Volumes/JET/mach_kernel /  <Enter>

(again, it’s up to you to alter the path as appropriate)

6)Via Kext Helper b7 again, installed the usual kexts these and these plus the system.kext and seatbelt.kext I’d backed up earlier. Restarted and now I have everything working, including sleep.

Don’t have those 10.5.7 files anymore? If you’re on the hp mini 1001tu as well (they may work with other models as well, you can try), here are the mach_kernel, system.kext, and seatbelt.kext from my 10.5.7 installation. You can use “ShowAllFiles” which is included in the .zip file so you can easily see mach_kernel (which is invisible) and just drag drop it to your /.

Actually, just replacing kernel 9.8.0 with 9.7.0 would do the trick. However, that gave me problems with mounting USB peripherals – flashdrives and external hard drives to be more precise; they won’t mount unless I plug them in during boot up. Installing 10.5.7’s system.kext and seatbelt.kext resolved this issue for me.

So I’m it is Mac OS X 10.5.8 but I’m using kernel 9.7.0 as well as system and seatbelt kexts from 10.5.7. . . is this an update or a downdate*?

in Terminal, type uname -r to verify kernel version

in Terminal, type uname -r to verify kernel version: 10.5.8 should be 9.8.0, here it's 9.7.0 which is 10.5.7's kernel version

*sorry for the grammar issue there, I would’ve used the words upgrade and update but according to Apple, “update” and “upgrade” are not one and the same word. Updates are incremental support iterations that are downloadable for free from their support sections, i.e. 10.5.x updates to 10.5.1. .2, .3, .4, . . , .8. While 10.0, 10.2,. .., 10.4 upgrade to 10.5.x…okay, that wasn’t so good at all and I may have addled your brains more instead of making stuff clear so just read the article:

Software update, upgrade–what’s the difference?

Oh and I think that new iDisk icon is cute – it’s now blue or blue green like Snow Leopard’s 😀

yes, I notice little details like that 😉