24 05 2009

My MacBook Mini’s SD/MMC card reader is dead and yours truly is the culprit. The crime transpired just a little after one o’clock when I plugged in my Sony Ericsson’s M2 Memory Stick Adapter into the SD/MMC card slot on my precious and innocent MacBook Mini.


I thought that since I could do this on the MacBook Wind, there shouldn’t be any problem but, based on that grounds, I still cannot plead innocent; I should’ve known there was something amiss when I noticed that plugging in the M2 adapter on the Mini met some resistance (it obviously didn’t with the Wind) and just stopped right there and then. But, as if possessed by some dimwitted ogre-like psyche, I forced the card into the slot anyway.

Stupidity. Denseness. Imbecility. Folly.

And now, when I plug in a normal MMC card on the Mini, OS X doesn’t mount it anymore – it’s as if it hasn’t sensed something has been plugged in.

I’m in grief and right now, I think I’m still in the latter parts of the In Denial Stage; I still believe there’s hope still since when I go to the BIOS settings, I can still see that “USB: Single Flash” entry under the Boot Options – I’d have to resort to trickery to get to the BIOS with the MMC card in the reader slot though because the Mini would get hung up on the boot splash screen, which, by the way, sports a “Compaq” logo now instead of the stock “HP” one.

But I may be trudging forward to acceptance as I’d already reinstalled the dummy SD/MMC card that came with the Mini.

I still think it was a retarded thing for me to do – does that mean I’m still in the Anger stage then?

Ok, scrap that. But come to think of it; even the MacBook Air in all it’s tech-chic glory doesn’t even have an SD/MMC slot and, as it is now, my MacBook Mini still trumps it with 2 USB ports vs. 1. 🙂