Dreaming Of a White (Snowy) Leopard

11 06 2009

It’s faster than Leopard.

It’s got new hot technologies like Grand Central and OpenCL.

It’s incorporating 64-bit experience right into the core.

In short, I want it. No, scratch that. I desire it.

But putting Leopard on x86 beige PC boxes and Atom netbooks hasn’t been without issues and lots of talented hackers reigning supreme in geekdom have invested time and sweat or even blood so that lower-tier geek wannabe’s like me can get a little taste of OS heaven. And now comes Snow Leopard.

Now why would someone whose only consumer electronic that comes from Apple is her 80 gig iPod classic and whose netbook is the only computer that could be classified as latest tech, dare to dream of an OS that’s clearly out of her league?

Dock Exposé.

Finder totally re-written in Cocoa.

Ability to scroll within a stacks grid.

Ability to browse through a pdf/document file and play media right in Finder’s icon view.

But most importantly; significantly reduced installation foot print.

That 6 GB of HDD space savings alone got me misty-eyed as I listened to Bertrand Serlet’s accented English (being a francophone, I’d rather he spoke in French) as he unveiled Snow Leopard’s finest points to the audience in this year’s WWDC.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that little bitsy promise by netkas : Snow Kitty Will Like It