Bad Kitty!

13 07 2009

That’s why I always prefer dogs. Haha.

I was able to download Snow Leopard Beta (the one distributed at the WWDC 2009) and tried my luck on the Mini. Followed this thread and this website – though not to a tee exactly as there were differences in hardware and I was practically stumbling to find my way in the dark.

Win XP was obliterated again from the second partition – 12 GB all in all –  in no time and replaced with Snow Leopard. I ran the OSInstall.mpkg from the .cdr image from within Leopard 10.5.7. It installed fine. But that was that.

Turns out Snowy is one unruly kitty. No, make that one choosy and unruly kitty as it purportedly works ok on the MSI Wind but gives me nothing but KP’s (Kernel Panics) from the very start.


I was even happy to click OK on the license agreement for the seed (see below)

Oh well…this is just the beginning anyway; I still have lots of researching and reading and lurking around forums and websites to do.

This isn’t the time to lose all hope … yet.

And by the way dual-booting the Mini with Leopard vs. Leopard doesn’t seem to work at all – my one and a half month old 10.5.7 installation was bricked by Snowy too – oh that snobbish cat is really getting on my canine-loving nerves now! 😉 That said, I’m on yet another new 10.5.7 install 😀