Tech Specs, Anyone?

20 05 2009

Finally after three months of not knowing for sure; I now have verified what my MacBook Mini’s display resolution is. And contrary to reviews all over the internet (or did I just imagine that?), saying that the HP Mini 1000’s resolution is 1024 x 567 – less vertical real estate than the rest of ’em netbookies, they’re all wrong. And I’m happy or just simply stupid since I spent useless effort in googling  “HP Mini 1000 resolution”, “HP Mini 1000 tech specs official” when I could just have done this:

GarageBand startup croptake a screenshot and then

image propertiescheck the image’s properties

Dang. And I even discovered this in Windows, on my work PC.

Snoopy me. 

PS. Hmm, it says 24 for Bit Depth…I’m pretty sure it should be 32…Something to tinker with again! 😉