MacBook Mini On A Diet

3 06 2009

I don’t know if it’s just the OC me or the HPs choice of hard drive for the Mini but I’m hating the boot up time on my MacBook Mini.

My iPod classic’s Stopwatch has recorded 00:01:34.733.

Excruciating. Especially when compared to the MacBook Wind’s 00:00:35.052.

Should I blame it on the unconventional 60 GB 1.8″ PATA HDD that runs on a measley 42,000 RPMS? Yeah, probably. But then do I just sit down and condition my psyche till I reach the Acceptance stage? Oh, no! That won’t do.

Luckily, though I may have called it officially “over” between MacBook Wind and me, I still regularly visit the forums at, thinking that I may be able to use some tips/tricks/hacks on the Mini as well. And true enough, one such post caught my attention: “Slimming OS X

I just followed that guide, taking extra meaure not to delete kexts that I need for my external DVD drive and Remote Disc, and voilĂ !

From the pitiful 00:01:34.733, I was able to go down to 00:00:44.160!

And also, it would be helpful to save all the kexts and fonts and other stuff you’ve eradicated from your system into a folder somewhere, burn it to DVD so you have a back up just in case you’d need to restore the files.