Update iDeneb 10.5.5 to 10.5.6

27 04 2009

As I mentioned in my recent post, I’m opting for successfullly updating using the 10.5.6 combo updater and not via software update since I wanted to created an “HP Mini 1001TU Hackintosh Resource” which I plan to burn into a DVD for safekeeping purposes – for the rainy days if they come.

At first I certainly thought the path I’d chosen was the harder one, but as I dived into the experiment, it was even the opposite. If you have read my previous post, you’d notice that there are lots of step and lots of applications/tools involved. What I discovered is that you only need OSX86 Universal Installer and off you can go already.

1) Launch Universal Installer and:
– select your HDD
– select “OSX86_Essentials” from the drop-down menu for “motherboard”
– check option “Apply kext package”
– check option “Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12

2) Click on the “Instal” button to begin applying the options and reboot.

3) Once back in OS X, enable the root user account by typing the ff. in Terminal:

– “sudo passwd root”
–  enter your admin password when prompted
– type in a new password for the root user
– retype the new password for verification

4) Log out and you should be able to see a new “Others…” option for login. Click on this “Others..” and type “root” as the user name and input the password you’ve just configured.

5) Once you’re logged in the root’s account, navigate to the folder containing the Universal Installer package you’ve downloaded and unpacked to locate the DSDT Patcher inside the “Extras” folder.

6) Run DSDT Patcher. This process should create a file named “dsdt.aml” file in your / folder.

7) Copy the “dsdt.aml” to the root’s home folder and also to your personal user’s home folder too, just in case. (this is one point I think that needs cleaning up, I’d have to experiment more to see where this “dsdt.aml” should really be to avoid too much junk in the house)

8) Run the Mac OS X 10.5.6 Combo Update and reboot when prompted.

The system should be able to boot up fine. In my experience, it rebooted twice before I was able to see my login window again (I hadn’t enabled auto login).

So what stuff breaks after the update?
– resolution is back to 800 x 600, squashed and distorted
– trackpad is broken – red led light and no response from trackpad at all
– keyboard is also broken

So I plugged in my mouse and got ready to log in. But then I’d remember that the keyboard is bricked and so this is the moment where I wished I had enabled auto login for my account so I’d be able to activate virtual keyboard with which to enter my password when I reinstall the PS2Controll kexts.

I was excited and my brain’s circuitry was all jumpered with the adrenaline rush with not encountering a kernel panic as reported by others who attempted this exercise, so I was rather panicky and ready to wipe out and reinstall. But thankfully, presence of mind took over and I recalled I had a usb keyboard hanging around which saved me time and effort.

In short I was able to login and reinstall the necessary kexts to render my MacBook Mini acceptable and functional again.

Oh and for some reason, the iDeneb wallpaper and login image came back for a brief moment after I’d updated to 10.5.6 which disappeared again when I rebooted after having reapplied the kexts. Weird….


26 04 2009

I have successfully installed OS X Leopard on my HP Mini 1001TU, thereby making me my very own MacBook Mini. I’ve done some tweaking, well partially at least – the only remaining stuff I had to do was fix ethernet. With the broadcom script step done and over with, I only have to verify if my MacBook Mini will be able to connect via WiFi, which means I’ve to tote the little one to a nearby Starbucks since though I now have decent broadband connection, I’ve yet to get a WiFi router.

Other than that, I’m pretty good to go but one particular aspect still keeps tugging at my heartstrings; I’m on 10.5.5 thanks to iDeneb. And yes, I want to update to 10.5.6.

Like the obedient hackintosher, I did my research first and found that, unlike updating on the Wind which could break PS2 control, video and at times. audio kexts, updating on the Mini 1001TU could potentially result to kernel panics on top of the aforementioned kext issues. This would mean rendering previous efforts in installation and tweaking null and void.

That’s why I’m taking things on a slow walk. So I’m off to prepping my MacBook Mini for its major operation.

1) Make sure you’ve got an Admin account setup. (Just go to system pref and change your current user to Admin)

2) Download Universal Installer and unpack the entire contents of the zip file somewhere in your hard drive – the Applications folder isn’t such a bad idea.

3) Launch Universal Installer. Select your hard drive and on the drop down menu, choose “OSX86_Essentials” as motherboard package. Select “Apply kext package” and “PCI_EFI Cameleon”. Click on the Install button and reboot.

4) Download DSDT Patcher and choose Darwin/Mac OS X. Select HPET option and select your Mac HD. Click Install and reboot.

Now this is where the road forks in two different paths; update to 10.5.6 using Apple Software Update or download 10.5.6 combo update separately to install it.

Personally I prefer going for the latter, that is download 10.5.6 combo update separately. This is because I wanted to be able to recreate the whole installation process up to udpating to 10.5.6 without having the need to be connected to the internet, which is necessary if you’re going for the Apple Software Update route.

Wish me luck