Compromises and Making Time

28 04 2009

Although this could have been easily made part of my 10.5.6 update post, I feel the need to dedicate one post entirely devoted to this matter.

My MacBook Mini lost the ability to sleep, or rather, its ability to wake up from sleep after I updated to 10.5.6.

Initially, on 10.5.5, the HP Mini would obediently sleep and be summoned from sleep but I couldn’t adjust the brightness of the screen – it was perpetually set to max, thus causing my batt to drain quicker than I would’ve wanted it to. The “Fn” combo keys would work only for volume but not for screen brightness. Weird.

My original motive for updating was to finally be able to adjust brightness to save battery life. But now that my machine interprets sleeping as going comatose – it won’t wake up and would require me to force power it off – I’ve been having doubts on whether doing the update and going through all those trouble only defeated my main purpose or were they worth it?

At the very beginning of this journey of hackintoshing the HP Mini 1001TU, I had a list of stuff that didn’t work which I hoped to get to work along the way. And now looking back, it seems that though I had some points crossed out as “done”, stuff keeps getting added to the list, making it longer somehow.

As you all well know, part of going the hackintosh route is encountering problems along the way; that is a given fact and we can only accept it. But sometimes the going can get so rough.

Like I still haven’t tinkered with ethernet which is about no. 7 in my list – my first concerns being the “basics” – sleep, restart, start, toggle keys…

I installed VoodooHDA which enabled audio on the MacBook Mini and that too still comes with an issue; volume is almost always set maximum and you can’t adjust it from the menulet. You have to access the PCM, Master etc settings from System Preferences if you want to truly adjust the volume. Now I have to find or wait for a resolution so that I’d be able to adjust volume normally. Another “to do” added to the list.

Maybe what I need is time.