why write this blog?


I tend to forget stuff over time and to remind myself of the important bits of hackintoshing my newest darling toy, the HP Mini 1000, I’ve to chronicle each step I take in the journey 🙂

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20 06 2009

Great website! I also have a Mini 1035NR with iDeneb 10.5.7 installed. It runs great! I was having the annoying device removal error every time I wake from sleep with the SD card and flash drive I constantly have plugged in. I don’t know if you were having the same issue, but I found a great solution. Sleepwatcher is a free program running in the background which unmounts the drives when you close the lid, before sleeping.

I want to use my Mini for Keynote presentations, but I can’t get video out from my USB-DVI adaptor after installing Mac OSX. It’s an EVGA UV12 plus. I downloaded the MAC drivers from EGVA and all I get is a black screen through the 2nd monitor. Any thoughts? Have you tried VGA out to a second monitor?

Have you tried Time Machine? I get a network error when trying to setup Time Machine to a networked hard drive.

Thanks again, LMW

20 06 2009

Thanks, glad you’re finding this blog useful and congratulations on your MacBook Mini 🙂 I’ve heard about Sleepwatcher but I haven’t tried it yet.
About the USB-DVI adapter for the Mini, I’m afraid I don’t have much to give you for an answer as I’ve yet to attempt connecting mine to an external monitor – I haven’t gotten round to getting one of those HP Mini adapters. But based on the HP Mini 1000 thread at insanelymac (I think it’s Res who reported it) that it should work fine with OS X.
What I do have experience in is hooking up the MSI Wind hackintosh (this netbook has regular VGA port) to an LCD monitor: the Mac drivers for the monitor wouldn’t work -only black screen on the LCD – for some reason so I tried using SwitchResX and OS X recognized it at last.
And lastly, I’ve only tried Time Machine with a USB connected hard drive which went alright as far as I can tell.

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