This Is Really It

26 10 2009

My MacBook Mini

Click on the image to go to My MacBook Mini

My MacBook Mini’s home is at with feeds found at htt:// (blog section of forums that is dedicated to everything hackintosh – Mac OS X)

Snow Leo EFI Boot Guide : Revamped

20 10 2009

Hopefully this one’s a better EFI guide. . .on the HP Mini 1000 (1001TU) of course.

Click image to get to the new guide

Click image to get to the new guide

Of Trackpads and Other Quirks

14 10 2009

It’s no secret that I’ve had problems with my trackpad – I’d broadcast that little snippet practically in all corners of my cyber existence. Well the good news is make that “I used to have problems with my trackpad“. It’s up and running like its old self again which makes me one happy hackintosher.

Now how did that happen ??

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Time For A New Install Guide

13 10 2009

As much as I’d wanted to be clear, it seems that my EFI guide fails to live to my (and others’) expectations.

I’ll be back with a new one EFI guide, hopefully this one’s less of a pain in the @$$ as the current one.

And while I do that, I think it’s time I cleared up my act and stick to a single site and stop confusing my own already befuddled brain.

My MacBook Mini