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2 06 2009


For some reason, sleep/resume has never been a problem for me with Mac OS X Leopard on the HP Mini 1000 and even after updating to 10.5.7 a couple of weeks back, it’s still working great as always.

And then I discovered something that made me more in awe of the beauty and gorgeousness that is the MacBook Mini! I can go put the machine to sleep by pressing Fn + F1. Of course I can still just choose to close the lid and off to dreamland it’ll go.

Another Fn + F1 will wake the Mini up 😀

Pressing any key will wake the Mini up.

For hackintoshes, laptop hackintoshes more specifically, the Fn combo keys usually make one of the big problems in terms compatibility. For example, when I started off with iDeneb 10.5.5, installing the IntelGMA950 kexts would indeed put my screen on the right 1024 x 600 resolution but it would mean losing the ability to use the brightness controls (Fn + F3/F4) . So knowing that Fn + F1 sleep works is a comfort.



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2 06 2009
Matt Punk

Have u gotten WiFi to work? No matter what I try i can’t get it going

3 06 2009

WiFi’s working. It’s the IO80112Family.kext that’s specifically for the WiFi. either the ones I’ve posted here. The IO80112Family.kext in this package is pre-patched via the broadcom script.

or directly from that you may have to patch.

11 06 2009

I am devoutly following your good advice 🙂 Since you just mentioned again that your brightness keys indeed are working, I assume that they do that under 10.5.7? All my previous attempts to upgrade from iDeneb 10.5.5 failed for one reason or other. I am not willing to give up yet, but in the meantime – did you find a way to get the brightness keys to work under 10.5.5, too?

And… did you (or anybody) experience the phenomenon that the trackpad stops working after a sleep/resume cycle, but can be revived by a kextunload …voodooPS2… / kextload … voodooPS2… chant (which I put into a sudo’d command script that can be easily reached by the keyboard)? However (and that’s the annoying part) this only works *once*, the 2nd time the machine crashes with a grey “please reboot your machine” message. Did anybody find a workaround?

Thanks for the effort, and your great help!

11 06 2009

yes, brightness keys are working under 10.5.7 as well all the other keys – sleep, volume (though not accurate because of VoodooHDA issue) etc.
Initially, when you first install iDeneb v1.3 on the mini (that’s 10.5.5), before applying the video kexts, you’d notice that brightness keys work fine. But then you’d be stuck with a squashed 600 x 480 (or is 800 x 600?) resolution. I think it’s safe to assume that perhaps one or more of the video kexts (IntelGMA950, FrameBuffer, etc) is/are breaking the brightness controls – in my experience, correcting the res to 1024 x 600 through the vid kexts always ends up compromising availability of the brightness keys.

Before 10.5.7 update came out, updating to 10.5.6 resolved the brightness keys prob but it broke sleep/resume. By a broken sleep/resume, I mean the trackpad stops working and the screen just stays black when you open again the lid. So I bumped up the ram to 2 GB and that solved the sleep/resume issue. And finally I updated to 10.5.7 and found out that I could only have sleep/resume with 2 GB ram by using VoodooUSBEHCI.

I’m currently on 10.5.7 and am using VoodooPS2 – it works fine. I mean I haven’t encountered significant probs with it other than that enabling dragging option causes weird tap-click behavior.

14 06 2009

Thanks a lot for that exhaustive answer!
I agree with quite a bit of your assessment as to the sources of problems. In particular, I recognize several of the behaviours…. they happen similarly on a 1033CL.

Inspired by your success story, I tried to upgrade from iDeneb 1.3 to 10.5.7 once more, following your Unfortunately, this was a failure again – the “MAC Framework initialized…” appeared and the machine froze. No combination of -v and -s and -f and -x and cpus=1 could help it. In the end, I had to restore back to 10.5.5 (luckily, this works like a charm when using Time Machine and
I think I will have to wait until 10.6 to get rid of the death-on-2nd-trackpad-drivers-reloading-on-resume issue.

Still, your blog is a huge help in getting the Mini on Mac OS X smooth!

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