Wipe Out, Reinstall, Update

1 06 2009

Now I can say that I truly know MacBook Mini’s heart (and guts)


1) Install iDeneb 10.5.5 – ICHx; ACPI; Cpus=1 fixes (I don’t bother to specify video as IntelGMA950 since this will be taken care of later anyhow)

2) After install, once in OS X (resolution still squashed 600 x 480), enable root user (Directory Utility > Edit > Enable Root User) and login to root.

3) Install OSx86_Essentials on your main OS X HDD, checking “Apply kexts” and “PC_EFI Chameleon”. Run DSDT patcher and make sure there’s a copy of the resulting “dsdt.aml” file in your “/” directory. While you’re still logged in as root, (don’t apply all the kexts yet) instead go to /System/Library/Extensions folder and delete the ff:

– AppleIntelGMA950.kext
– AppleIntelGMAGA.plugin
– AppleIntelGMA950GLDriver.bundle
– AppleIntelGMA950VADriver.bundle
– AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext
– ApplePS2Controller.kext
– AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext (if it’s there in your Extensions folder)

4) Run the 10.5.7 Combo Updater (you can do this while still logged in as root or switch to your own user account; I usually switch to my user from this point onward). Do not restart yet after update installation is don. Install VoodooPS2Controller first. Restart.

5) You’ll be back at your desktop, resolution is still squashed but your keyboard & trackpad will be functional. Install the kexts. Restart.

Note: you can opt to install the kexts batch by batch; i.e. vid kexts first, then network related kexts, then system kexts like sleep, OpenHaltRestart, etc., so on and so forth or, if you want, one by one, restarting your mini after each kext application just to be sure/diagnosis purposes. Coz sometimes, when I install them all at once, not all become functional immediately – in which case, I just re-apply the kexts and restart and so far, that’s worked fine on my setup.

I also disable deep sleep to get rid of the “sleepimage has garbage” message on boot up and also regain HDD space.

In terminal:

$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

then delete sleepimage file in /Private/var/vm.

Here are all the stuff I used on my mini (click them to download):
video kexts (updated: now links to rebundled “QE_VidKexts.zip”)
all the other kexts (updated: now links to “my1001TUotherkexts.zip” which has Natit.kext removed from the bundle as it ‘s been moved to “QE_VidKexts.zip”)
VoodooPS2Controller installer



9 responses

3 06 2009
27 06 2009

Nice blog, was wondering if this will work with an HP Mini 110-1013TU? Thanks and Good day! 🙂

27 06 2009

I think the 1001TU and 1013TU are basically the same so it should work as far as I can tell. Anyhow, you can try and see 😉

29 06 2009

I have a few questions, as I am illiterate when it comes to the Mac World.
1) Where or how do I get the OsX86_Essentials thing? Is it in the iDeneb disk?
2) How exactly do I run the combo updater? My apologies for my stupid questions, really, but I just installed iDeneb, and it’s my first time using OS X.

30 06 2009

Sorry, definitely my fault – I guess I wasn’t as detailed as I ought to be. 🙂
1) when you download OSx86 Universal Installer, it’s gonna be included in the download (as a motherboard package: http://pcwizcomputer.com/downloads/UInstaller_1.2.zip)
2) the combo updater, you gotta download first separately from Apple’s webiste: http://support.apple.com/downloads/Mac_OS_X_10_5_7_Combo_Update

Good luck!

28 07 2009


Having “fun” so far trying to hackintosh my Compaq Mini, but every time so far I just end up at the blue screen after installing kexts.

I must say, I’m a little confused as to which kexts I need to install, as each of your posts so far seem to contain a different kext bundle/bundles,, so have probably ended up installing kexts I don;t need, or conflicting ones.

e.g. Your “Hackintosh Resource” post has one kext bundle
Your “Bleeding Edge (Love)” post has another
“Wipeout Reinstall Update” has separate bundles of “Video” and “Other” kexts, and the video ones weren’t in the first one.

I appreciate the second two posts revolve around upgrading from 10.5.5 to .6 or .7, but do you have a definitive kext bundle I should be using? For now, I’m happy sticking at 10.5.5 – I have used iDeneb 1.3 to install OSX, and my latest install is now at the stage where I’m ready to start installing kexts. Rater than keep installing the same ones every time, I thought it worth stopping and asking the question this time.

Also, I’m downloading these kext bundles from Windows, and I’m wondering whether that may be screwing things up somewhat.

For example, when I download and expand the ‘Hackintosh Resource” kext bundle, I end up with two folders – MacOSX_HPMini1001TU and __MACOSX which completely threw me at first. I presume, when I’m browsing for the kexts to drag into Kext Helper, I should ignore the __MACOSX folder, as I guess that’s where OSX stores colour tags etc that you have applied? They are currently sat on my XP partition on the Mini – if I just drag them into a folder on the OSX partition, would that help remove the confusion?

Sorry if any of these are stupid questions, but I’ve installed OSX about 6 times over the past two days, and always end up at the “blue screen of unresponsiveness” as you call it.

I guess my next step is to start tinkering with the bootloader and using the comand line interface to manually remove kexts I’ve loaded, but I haven’t dared do that yet!

Thanks for your help…

29 07 2009


Don’t ask me how, but I’d completely missed Step 3 on the guid on this blog entry. Going into that and clicking “Apply kexts” fixed everything for me.

I have a Macbook Mini!

Thanks for this resource by the way

1 08 2009

Glad it worked out for you. Maybe I should really write a new guide?
Really busy these past few weeks – work and Snow Kitty 😉

2 08 2009

maurien, it’s really thx for sharing the detailed steps as well as the kext files about how to prepare and setup the hp mini with ideneb … Mac OS X

Even though the steps might be a bit unstructured, it does help to reduce # of retry installation of this OS on hp mini …

When time allowed, I’ll help to write some steps for improvement on top of the one provided by you and share with you or anyone who interested to embark on this mini project by themselves, just like us …

Again thanks for everything, it’s great stuffs and what a new experience of using the mac os x on hp mini …

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