Throwing Out Garbage

22 05 2009

Starting hibernating
Sleepimage has garbage
Hibernating failed

After installing PC-EFIv9/Chameleon 10.1.12 over the iDeneb v1.3 default in preparation for updating my MacBook Mini, I started getting these weird messages which show up after Darwin loads and OS X is about to boot. Although it didn’t have impact on the performance whatsoever of my hackintosh setup, it would nice to be able to eliminate it just the same.

1) While in OS X, launch Terminal and type the following command:

$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

2) Reboot and when once you’re back in OS X, go to Menubar > Go > Go to Folder

go to folderand type in /Private/var/vm then hit Enter key
sleep image path3) Delete the sleepimage file. The size of this sleepimage file depends on the size of your installed ram. As you can see below, on my MacBook Mini it says “2 GB” cause I’ve 2 gigs ram on me. If you’ve 1 gig ram, the sleepimage will be 1 gig as well.sleep img 2gbYou will be asked to type in your account’s password. Once you delete the file, you’ll gain back the 2 gig of hard drive real estate it once occupied.sleep img deletedNot sure if the results are uniform but in my case, I’ve noticed that my mini goes to sleep faster than before. I close the lid and everything shuts off –  fan, BT/WiFi, HDD; just as instaneously as hitting the switch off of a light bulb. Of course the white power led of the mini stays on, pulsating until I open again the lid in which case Leopard springs back to life.



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4 06 2009

First off, thanks for all the helpful info. I’ve got a lovely, stripped-down, fast & stable Mac running on my HP Mini 1110NR, in good part due to info found on your blog, among others, so I can now work on the NY subway without resorting to Windows, which is a great gift.

I’ve been trying to get rid of the hibernate mode/sleep image file as per your instructions, and it works until the next time I reboot the machine, when it creates another 2G sleepimage file. This is important to me, since my machine has only an 8G drive and I need all the space I can get. Any idea how to get the sleepimage file to stop rising like Lazarus from the grave?



5 06 2009

That’s weird; I only have to do this tweaking once on mine and would no longer encounter the “sleepimage has garbage blah blah” afterwards.

Here’s where I got this from:

Perhaps you could also try inputting the $ sudo nvram “use-nvramrc?”=false as per the post in I don’t bother with this second command line anymore since Terminal only tells me that my machine doesn’t support nvram.

Good luck!

10 06 2009

I logged in as root and then it worked. Thanks!

p.s. Pages is indeed a lot cleaner and quicker than MS Wurd, but the best I’ve found, particularly for long documents, is Mellel. My only gripe is you can’t set it to save as RTF, but it will open RTF/Wurd files, and export them if I need MS compatibility. Nisus Writer is good too, and will save directly as RTF, but crashes and freezes a bit too often. Most non-MS word processors seize up or crawl when confronted with a 500-page text document. I still miss WordPerfect, but life goes on.


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