Lessons Learned

20 05 2009



MacBook Wind.

MacBook Mini.

That makes two netbooks that I’ve successfully hackintoshed. After countless rounds of installation, reinstallation, tweaking, applying kexts, updating and then some more tweaking, have I truly understood the game?

Perhaps I’d just try to summarize what wisdom I’ve gained from this story and journey into these few guiding rules:

Initial OS X installation:

1) Get a decent broadband connection – this is how you get your hands on installer .iso’s and hackintosh forums and kexts; pretty much the essence of it all.

2) Always keep the ff. peripherals handy: external mouse, keyboard, hard drive – there’s no guarantee that your netbook’s keyboard and trackpad will be supported/recognized by OS X out of the box. As for the hard drive, I prefer creating a bootable installer from an external hard drive as installation is much faster than from DVD. USB flash drives work great too; just be sure to get one with 16 gigs or at the very least, 8 gigs or Mac OS X Leopard just won’t fit in.

3) DVD writer – if this is your first hackintosh, it would be easier to start off by burning the .iso into DVD and boot from that to install OS X.

Updating to 10.5.x (OS X already up and running on the netbook):

1) OSX86 Universal Installer – already contains the OSx86_Essentials kexts, DSDT Patcher, and Chameleon bootloader installer. It’s already got kext install feature but you can get Kext Helper b7 as a separate app.

2) Back up of your kexts, files etc – for reinstallation after the update.

3) External mouse, keyboard – as the update might potentially break your input devices.



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